Sam Harvey

Sam is an Australian artist living and working in Pinner, North-West London. She creates mixed media sculptures and drawings, usually incorporating stitch. Inspiration is found through looking and drawing and from the variety of materials she collects.

She began running Stitch Workshops and Clubs early in 2008 and enjoys the fun and satisfaction of designing and ‘making things’ with the many different children and adults who attend her workshops and clubs.

Sam is passionate about spreading her love of making, particularly to those who need to reconnect with themselves through creativity and the sensory act of making things.

Engaging with the many media and processes used in textiles feels both natural and grounding. Spending time making and creating, especially in small groups, is beneficial to all, and especially to those who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties. Sam’s Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Art Room Practice from Bath Spa University exposed her to methodologies which strengthen her ability to apply what had previously been a well-informed hunch. She continues to study this side of creative teaching and learning.

Sam celebrated the new Millennium by returning to college to study art – first with a foundation year at Bucks New University alongside a City and Guilds in Machine Embroidery and then with a Diploma in Stitched Textiles from Bucks New University. She is a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and the textile exhibiting group Studio 21. Have a look at some of her work at her website here.

I cannot remember not being able to stitch, my mother was always making or mending something for someone and in between managed to show me what to do. Whereas she made practical things I was incorporating stitch into making pictures, toys and ‘presents’ . My skills are now a little more mature, but I am always happiest when making something fun.

Previously Sam was involved in the pioneering development of interactive media, including CD-ROM, Web and DVD. She managed Abbey Road Interactive – a team of innovative and creative individuals who were never daunted by the challenges thrown at them by incredibly demanding clients and technology. Her creative colleagues from this part of her life are fundamental to her current artistic practice as are the children who attend her Stitch Clubs and holiday workshops.

The best way to contact Sam is to email her at

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