St Joseph’s Primary School: Art Week Adoremus

St Joseph’s Primary School in Willesden commissioned workshops to be held with each of their year 4 and 5 classes over their Arts Week. The focus was to learn some simple stitching while celebrating the Eucharist. Each class created an Adoremus.

Using reclaimed materials we prepared segments of the Adoremus so that each child and staff member in the class could stitch one part. Designs based on the key elements of the Eucharist were made so that each person could choose from a selection of 3. As always each child put their own touch with their stitch and colour selections. The teachers were surprised at how long the children were able to concentrate and how much they achieved in each session. Each class was so proud of their finished Adoremus.

I had the pleasure of you coming into my Year 5 class and teaching the children how to make embroidery stitches…I really wanted to say was a huge ‘Thanks’ for your input, the children’s work was amazing.

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