Our clubs are an opportunity for children and young people to challenge and develop their creative and practical skills. The sessions are held in small groups – usually 8, sometimes 4 and occasionally slightly larger. We are also able to run one-to-one sessions. We have been working with children and young people since 2008 and we have had the pleasure of mentoring many of our kids from absolute beginners to talented makers.

The emphasis is on making something which the children want – as long as it fits within the parameters of the class and can be made with a realistic development of the child’s skills then we will find a way to create it. As a result the children learn how to design, construct and have a lovely object to show at the end.

Creating in a group of people has been a part of human existence for millennia and there is a great deal of evidence to show that the sort of experiences we have in our Stitch Clubs assists with good mental health. It also supports many aspects of formal learning. Sam has a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Art Room Practice from Bath Spa University which provides a sound basis on which to support groups of young people using Art as a therapeutic tool.

Most of our workshops and clubs take place in our dedicated Stitch Studio full of fabrics, haberdashery and inspiration.

If you are interested in joining one of our clubs or are interested in setting up a day-time session for a home educated group of children (we run 2 a week usually, but have capacity for more) then email Sam: sam@stitch.club.

Thank you for the lovely classes you organise. All the kids work is beautiful and I am constantly amazed at how you support all their individual creative styles and ideas!

The skills Helen has learnt are life skills that I couldn’t have taught her, and her time with you and Chrsitina have been so happy and tranquil. I am sure she will come back to sewing and making things when she is older, and I really value the fact that she can get such pleasure and satisfaction from making things herself from scratch. She told a teacher at school when she was younger that you were someone who inspired her because of what you could do- so I know she valued what she learnt.